Construction Project Management Services, Inc.


Commercial Construction Assistant Project Manager

Employer: Construction Project Management Services, Inc.

Boston , MA


Large commercial construction management firm seeks a construction Assistant Project Manager for Boston, MA. Projects include commercial office, multifamily, and hospitality projects.

In this role, candidates will plan, execute, and finalize projects according to the schedule while keeping within budget. The Assistant Project Manager's role is to assist with the planning, organization, and management of the day to day operations, as well as any other responsibilities that the Project Manager sees fit.


- Work directly with project managers to help implement project goals
- Assign duties to staff to implement project goals, as needed
- Oversee variable aspects of projects and provide direct assistance to ensure timely project execution
- Overview project goals and ensure project goals are achievable
- Liaise with project lead and other project managers to maintain project schedule and efficacy
- Assist with procuring materials and other items necessary for completing project goals
- Review project implementation and gather data on project execution
- Coordinate with project managers and other project leads following project execution


- A Bachelor's or Master's degree in a field related to the hiring industry may be preferred
- Industry-specific certificates and licenses may be necessary or preferred, depending on industry
- 1-5 years of proven and successful experience in the hiring industry
- Verifiable leadership experience and capabilities, with past successful project execution
- Ability and desire to work collaborative to ensure successful project execution
- Working knowledge of necessary industry-related tools
- Expert-level experience with computer operating systems, such as Microsoft and MacOS
- Proven ability to generate and deliver reports that provide useful insight into project details
- Highly organized and detail-oriented with a passion for ensuring projects proceed efficiently and effectively